About EffectiV PM

Skilled project manager must effectively resolve all upcoming problems, while an effective one is capable of preventing significant part of them and exploit the released resources for greater achievements.

Our expert team will assist you in implementing effective project management methodology tailored to fit the unique combination of your company's people, technologies and processes in compliance with PMBOK standards.

Your company’s managers will be coached to create realistic work plans and effectively forecast upcoming issues that can drive the project away from its original course.
Senior management will focus on accurate visual project status reports with a drill down functionality (Dashboards).

We involve the main stakeholders in the decision making process. This way monitoring dilemmas (e.g. what project management tool to choose, who is

responsible for work plans creation, what control reports to issue etc.) are addressed to the people who later will become the active users of the improved processes.

We will provide you with talented professionals who share high work ethics and passion for dealing with the challenges of PMO.

EffectiVPM was founded by Rimma Shalman, a project management consulting expert. With over 15 years' experience and a strong track record of successful projects, Ms. Shalman has an extensive expertise in tailoring and implementing solutions for different kinds of companies and projects.

Before starting her own company, Ms. Shalman worked for 6 years at Orantech Management Systems as EPM (enterprise project management) Director.
Ms. Shalman holds a Masters degree in Business Management from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in Industrial Engineering.