• Our Services


    Our services are focused on implementation of in-depth planning and control techniques which help companies to increase projects’ success rate, save resources, concentrate on strategic projects, and stay competitive

    Our services include:

    • Project management consulting;
    • EPM (Enterprise Project Management) implementation;
    • PMO (Project Management Office) establishment and services;
    • Dashboard implementation;
    • Workshops and Courses;
    • Add-on software for project management


  • Why EffectiVPM?


    EffectiVPM specializes in implementing solutions for effective project management. Our expertise is to optimize project management processes for single and multiple projects (portfolio management) for all industry types.
    We are proud of our values:
    Achievements – We are capable of fast results under challenges
    Professional integrity – We will not sell you what you don’t need
    Cost efficiency – We provide you with high quality service at reasonable price
    Personal approach – We work in the atmosphere of synergy and openness

Our services include gap analysis, schedule, risk and budget management, tools development and implementation etc.
We are experienced in tailoring EPM solution for your company's unique character: people, processes and tools.
Our expert will define for your company the appropriate model of PMO's operation and assist to implement it.
We know how to provide you with practical tools and improve your career success as project managers.

  PMO – עידן ה-"גאנטולוגים" חלף האם אתם תוהים מהי חשיבותו של ליווי PMO ומדוע תפקידו הוא קריטי להצלחה של פרויקטים? אני רוצה לספר לכם מדוע דווקא בזמנים של היום כל כך חשוב להעסיק PMO, מהו הערך שלו לחברה וכיצד הוא יכול לקצר תהליכים, לחסוך כסף ולסייע לחברה לעמוד ביעדים שהציבה לעצמה. כיועצת לניהול פרויקטים למעלה…

I am sure that you know how to make a project status meeting effective. And still, one thing can destroy a well managed meeting. Let’s say that the meeting is holding as planned, you (PMO) summarize it, delegate tasks, all is clear. But nobody sees what you are documenting. The meeting is over; everyone remembers…